Jackknife Accidents

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Commercial trucks are notorious for their ability to cause devastating traffic accidents and serious injuries. This is due to their size and, in the case of tractor-trailers and 18-wheelers, the way they are constructed. In fact, because tractor-trailers consist of two separate components – a cab or “tractor” and a trailer on which enclosed, open, or dangerous cargo may be carried – they pose even greater risks of injuries and death in trucking accidents, particularly when they jackknife.

At Bendit Weinstock, P.A., our firm has earned a reputation for zealously protecting the rights of victims and families harmed in all types of preventable accidents, including serious collisions involving trucks and tractor-trailers. Since 1957, we’ve helped numerous clients put their lives back together, and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation on their behalves.

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What is a Jackknife Accident?

Jackknifing is a unique type of accident that involves commercial trucks with a separate tractor and trailer. Whether they stem from a collision, unsafe driving behaviors, or other factors, these accidents will involve a truck that “swings” or “folds” in on itself at the point where a tractor and trailer connect. These wrecks earned they name for the angles that this folding can create, which resemble the folding of a pocket knife.

Jackknifing has earned a name of its own not only because of its unique nature, but also because it is notorious for causing some of the most devastating accidents and injuries. Several factors are behind this, including the potential for the following:

  • Jackknifing trailers can swing out across multiple lanes of traffic, sidewalks, and roadways with tremendous force.
  • The force created by a jackknifing trailer may cause a truck to overturn and crush nearby vehicles or objects, or rollover into other lanes or areas along a road.
  • Cargo on jackknifing trailers may be sent flying from trucks, creating hazards or road debris that can injure motorists or cause chain-reaction crashes.
  • Trucks that jackknife may block multiple lanes or entire roads, creating the potential for pile-ups.

Holding At-Fault Parties Accountable

As with any preventable accident, investigations become critical to determining an underlying cause, and whether the accident could and should have been prevented. For example, jackknifing accidents may be caused by:

  • Driver error and negligence (i.e. reckless driving, unsafe turns or lane changes, overcorrection, sudden braking, etc.)
  • Unsafe speeds for current weather or road conditions, including wet and icy roads
  • Auto parts or defective products that fail or malfunction
  • Improperly maintained tractors or trailers

When negligence, regulatory violations, or the failures of those with a duty to exert reasonable care in ensuring safety cause a jackknifing accident, victims harmed in those wrecks may have the right to seek justice and compensation for their damages – including their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. However, securing a fair financial recovery is never guaranteed, which is why these cases demand the attention of proven lawyers.

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