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Bendit Weinstock Recruits Students During Mock Trial Held on Take Your Child To Work Day

Take Your Child To Work Day

On April 27, 2023, Bendit Weinstock, P.A. hosted its annual take your child to work day. This year, partner Joseph H. Tringali, Esq., who serves as the firm’s Chair of Business and Estate Litigation invited travel softball players from the Cranford Baseball and Softball League to perform a mock trial in the case of Big Bad Wolf v. The Three Little Pigs. The girls played the roles of judge, counsel, witnesses, and jurors as part of the trial, which resulted in the unanimous jury verdict in favor of the Big Bad Wolf.

The mock trial was followed by a meeting with counsel for Citizens Bank wherein the girls were afforded an opportunity to ask questions about the pathway to becoming a successful New Jersey attorney. Pizza topped off the day as an incentive to lure the girls back each year until they are age eligible to become Bendit Weinstock associates.

You can contact Mr. Tringali at to discuss any of your business or estate-related needs. To review Bendit Weinstock’s full range of services, you can visit

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