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Bendit Weinstock, P.A.’s Kay A. Gonzalez Obtains $762,500 Settlement in Car Accident Case


We are celebrating a win on behalf of one of our car accident clients. Associate Attorney Kay A. Gonzalez, who represented the client, obtained a $762,500 settlement for him.

In March of 2019, a driver rear-ended our client while he was in stop-and-go traffic on the Garden State Parkway. The impact caused our client to suffer neck and lower back injuries. As a result, he had to receive epidural injections and undergo a lumbar hemilaminectomy and a four-level anterior cervical fusion procedure.

The defense tried to claim that our client’s medical treatment was necessary not because of the accident in March of 2019 but because of one our client was in 6 months later. Our team called in an expert to testify about why the surgery and procedure were required. The expert confirmed that the March accident led to the extensive treatment.

Although we were preparing to go to trial and pursue an optimal result for our client, we were able to settle the case through mediation.

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